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If the water is allowed to constantly drain off, the solids tend to remain behind, eventually producing what is termed "the brown pyramid of death. The house batteries are separate and isolated electrically from the vehicle batteries, known in this context as engine batteries that are used to start and operate the motor vehicle part of the RV motor of a motorhome, car or truck for tow vehicles or campers.

Dry bath A bathroom in an RV where the toilet and shower are in separate areas of the bathroom typically separated by a shower curtain. Later, some manufacturers began placing their conventional gasoline engines in the rear, as well.

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Gravity fill An external fill point for filling the fresh water tank made up of a large diameter hose that runs into the tank and incorporates a hole in the side of the RV which allows water to be fed, via a water hose, into the tank using gravity alone. Some RVs provide a momentary-on switch that flips a relay to form a temporary high-current connection between the two sets of batteries, enabling the driver to use the house batteries to help start the engine should the engine batteries prove weak.

Sewage dumped into the station goes into a sewer or a septic system. Some motorhomes offer both a gravity fill and pressure fill, the latter having an automatic cutoff. Winterize The maintenance of an RV's water system to protect it from damage during cold winter storage. When the room is opened, the awning opens with it, covering the roof of the slide room.

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White water This is the fresh water directly taken from a clean-water source. Found mostly on motorhomes which will incorporate two disconnect systems: This is done in cold climates to keep the internal plumbing pipes and tubing from freezing and breaking.

Some high-end motorhomes even use airbags that automatically raise the motorhome into a level position on its own tires, eliminating leveling jacks completely. Like a generator, inverters must be sized to accommodate the anticipated electrical load.

It is a process of draining Anti-freeze, running lines, and taking out all of the elements used to prevent freezing during the colder winter months. Chemicals for wastewater tanks A variety of commercially produced chemicals that are added to the blackwater and graywater tanks to control odours.

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To run an RV air conditioner, a minimum of 3, watts is usually needed. The more expensive versions are 'sine-wave' or 'full sine-wave' inverters. Newer and larger motorhomes and larger fifth-wheel trailers over 30 feet often have three slide-outs: The least expensive are called 'modified sine-wave' or 'quasi-sine wave' inverters.

RV etiquette demands that the user of an RV dump station cleans up any spills. Anyone planning a long ferry ride with an RV should bear in mind that it is impossible to run the fridge while on board, where gas bottles must be turned off, and electricity is seldom provided.

Many chemicals are available with either a strong masking scent or odor-free. Part-timer A person who spends several months per year, but less than full-time in the RV.

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Another type of awning used by RVers is a portable pop-up canopy or tent that provides a temporary solution to people who want to be outdoors and enjoy shade. Most operate on propane or AC two-waywhile some add 12 volts DC three-way.

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An extendable motorhome at LausanneSwitzerland Slide-out An area of the RV which can be expanded outwards from the side of the vehicle, thus increasing the interior space.

Engine battery s Batteries in a motor home dedicated to the operation of the vehicle's engine, as opposed to the living quarters, they being supplied with their own separate "house batteries. Low voltage Low voltage refers to electricity supplied to and derived from the house batteries, typically 12 volts DC. RVers who have ignored the LED warnings will receive a secondary indication of a full graywater tank when the lowest drain backs up, usually the shower.

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Most are adjustable with a hand crank.