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Jenna and matty dating in real life.

In a drunken stupor, she comes close to apologizing to Jenna but passes out on Tamara's lap. The fling causes lots of tension between Lissa and her mother, due to her mother deeming it 'wrong', however it is obvious that she is also attracted to him.

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At the end of the season 2 finale, Jake begins a relationship with Tamara. When Sadie's father goes to prison and her mom flees to New Mexico, Ally agrees to take Sadie in and acts as a guardian and reluctant "mother figure.

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Later, she dates Matty and tries to trick him into staying with her when she lies about being pregnant. F and Tamara, Jake sleeps with Matty's girlfriend Gabby, after being rejected by his first-choice college.

They are best friends. They later break up after Sadie loses Austin's trust by lying to him.

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Matty was insecure about his relationships [before] -- is he gonna be the same? She is portrayed as a down-to-earth indie-style teenager with strict Chinese parents.

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Although Ashley Rickards told us that Jenna and Matty are "very in love" after summer vacation, that doesn't mean their lives are free of drama -- it's high school, after all. However, later in season 2 on episode 8, Jake finds out about Matty and Jenna's secret relationship and dumps her because it made him feel cheated and lied to.

I think they had a really fun time and found things in each other that they really liked. She thinks that he actually just does not want to be seen with her in public, which causes her to dump him and go to prom with Jake and others.

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Hart season 3Jenna's creative writing teacher who takes pride in pushing his students outside of their comfort zones. Jenna briefly dates Collin after breaking up with Matty, at which point she begins exhibiting self-destructive i found my girlfriend on dating website that alienates her from her friends.

The fun part about their relationship is it started with Val forcing herself on her and Jenna reluctantly having to walk into her office, and there's a nice shift that's happened where Jenna has seen the good in Val like Val has seen the good in Jenna.

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He is the class president, popular, smart, and outgoing. He asks Jenna to sign his yearbook with an already-inscribed message, insinuating that he still harbors a romantic obsession for her. At the end of the mid-season finale, it is revealed that Eva is pregnant. He is in the band with Tamara, and is shown to be quite the player.

The next day, Jenna informs her that Kevin may want a divorce, which makes things worse.

While Sadie initially rebuffs his advances, she eventually caves. During season 3, Matty and Jenna grow distant, due to Jenna having growing feelings for Collin. Jenna is her only friend. In the season 4 premiere, he is revealed to be devastated by Ming's sudden departure, ostensibly to escape the wrath of the Asian mafia. Unlike Matty, who thinks with the team, Jake thinks for himself.

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In season 4, Jake and Tamara break up over her controlling and bossy attitude which contrasts to his new boyband personality. Lacey, who is extremely concerned with things like appearance and popularity, had Jenna when she was a teenager with her high school sweetheart Kevin, and gave up on her dreams of going to college, using the funds to get breast implants instead.

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However, he becomes constantly jealous of the guy Jenna was in love with before him, not knowing it was Matty. Lacey finds it easy to find faults in her daughter, because she wants Jenna to have everything Lacey could not have after becoming pregnant. In the second-season finale, she makes out with Jake because she is upset over how bad the past year has been for her. He doesn't mind being seen in public with Jenna, unlike Matty, and he doesn't care about what other people think of him.

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