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Khuntoria dating in real life, forever always be...

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Both are just shy to show their feelings but they really grew fond of each other. I hope they dated and got married in real life The first international couple that are able to show viewers with their playful and romantic sides.

I'll never gonna stop loving them.

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Their ending was too sad I think they're the most natural couple among all couple in wgm: I hope in the future they will really fall in love. I do find that part weird after all the lovey-dovey BS that they. If they are not real then fate wastes a beautiful love story They really look good together.

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White boy fucked by black guy real life in tags: I really hope they'd date in real life! Fejinn 4 Comments After interviewing the new couples, they seem to be seriously thinking about dating and marriage. Their visuals together was stunning. But on the bright khuntoria dating real life Nickhun mentioned that he did have feelings for victoria at some point in the show. I was never able to get into watching We Got Married at first cause of lack of interest, but that all changed when I saw Nickhun Oppa and Victoria Noona on the series.

I really like them: Also they confronted each other.

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I would totally ship them. We Got married ended and who knows when it's coming back but honestly miss watching this show.

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Wish them both the best on their careers. If someone were to tell me now that their relationship was fake and scripted I wouldn't be able to believe it, their relationship in the whole series was just so natural and cute that they really looked like a very in love newlywed couple.

I watch his face expression. Taemin was head over heels for Naeun who was pretty shy. It's like couple fighting and forgiving each other.


Khuntoria dating real life - Give it an Upvote! It would be amazing Nichkhun Made it a success with his gentleman and extrovert personality! Nichkun really shows a lot of interest with Victoria.

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I would use my shooting star wish to make them become a real couple. They're really the best couple ever, they took care of each other as a real couple, and they're matching so well together! Victoria is basically what kind of wife I hope to be like in the future, reliable, pretty, a good cook and more, while Nickhun Oppa is basically what kind of husband I hope to have in the future, kind, handsome, talented, funny, a true gentleman.

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They bonded over dispatch kpop idol dating and even made a song together The only couple that went on to date for real was Jun Jin and Si Young, which is pretty ironic really since they seemed to kind of get on each other's nerves.

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They really are sweet to each other. They make me believe that true love does exist in this complicated world because I see love in their eyesand the feelings they have for each other.

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A Sincere Solo Special was met and met as the prime pan. Imagine if it was still around and your faves were on it or members from top groups like twice, exo, bts, bp, etc Some of my fave couples: Nichkhun and Victoria is loved Forever. Even though it's scripted, it was still awesome watching idols "dating" and being all couply and going on dates and trips together.