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Here is our conversation about 's Footloose. This is a lot like the original Footloose. I thought, "Wow, these people are really trusting.


This idea of 'no dancing allowed' is very real. There is so much passion and flavor that go into our music and food that you can't help but be moved. But yes, he does bring it back! So I kind of knew what I was walking into.

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He is so amazing. Though, I also never went back to watch the movie at any point during the shoot. I have rhythm by default. Its kind of funny But in these small town schools, texting is becoming a huge problem.

I never had to leave home.

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That makes it a little less precious too me. That certainly would be a new element that wasn't around back in Craig Brewer has made two classic music-centric movies that aren't musicals. Is Rusty dancing a lot in this movie? There was just a lot of chemistry on and off the set. Is this new Footloose a true callback to the original Footloose?

I got a chance to develop the character more. I was one of those people that never liked to watch myself. We celebrate the original. She still has that essence of the original Rusty.

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Because in true Craig Brewer fashion, he adds that grit, and that sexiness, to anything that he does. It wall worked out though. I kind of had to learn it while doing it. Its easy to see why he would want to attempt this remake.

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I've hear many different takes on how an actor likes to approach an iconic role that has already been embodied by someone else. There is a disappointment there, as though Hollywood is destroying something that is beloved.

The first day we saw it, it was a surprise.

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He was such a fan of the original. Craig kept their essence and then we added natural tendencies to the characters, but he kind of fixed the essence and extended each character. We close it with the Blake Shelton version, there at the end.

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I can only hope and wish to have the success that she had. I was already aware of it. Its not vague at all. That is something we didn't see before. Everyone is plugged into their phones. But Craig has given her more to work with this time. Rusty was the very last piece of the puzzle. They weren't allowed to dance. It is a hugely popular genre.

I have met people at the screenings who've thought the same way. I had already seen Footloose a billion times before. They have no preconceived notions about what this is suppose to be, which in turn makes it a viable cinematic resource for them in particular So I was very familiar with it.

It was afterward that I had the realization. Were you a dancer prior to taking on this role, or did you have to learn it while doing the movie? They should just set up a couple of chairs in the gym and let them text dance on twitter We definitely celebrate it, but it does have its own identity.

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We thought it was so cute, we didn't have the heart to tell them that we weren't.